Cobra Pose is one of the most important back flexion postures in all of yoga.

In the Yoga world, it is the posture par excellence to "open the heart" and, as such, it helps us to face the world with openness, emotion and vulnerability. It also has a tremendous energizing effect and helps correct postural imbalances.

Although Cobra Stance is seen as fundamental by most forms of Hatha Yoga, it is a fairly intense pose for most beginners and takes a long time to master. The full version of the pose is quite advanced, and is usually modified when viewed in mixed level yoga classes. Fortunately, mods are great value and can make the pose accessible to a beginner.

Start in a stomach-down position on your stomach. Bring your legs together with the top of your feet on the floor.  Place your hands on opposite sides of the chest and press against the floor, lifting the chest up and forward, curving backward. Look up.

In the cobra pose, unlike Dog looking up, the knees remain in contact with the ground. Eventually, the hips must connect to the floor as well, although this is advanced refinement and may be inaccessible to beginners.

The arms can remain bent during the initial stages of the Cobra's pose. Eventually, the arms can be straightened as you become more comfortable in the pose. For most people, straightening the arms and keeping the hips in contact with the floor will be quite intense. At first, you can experiment by doing one or the other.

Draw the shoulders back and down. The complete expression of Cobra Pose is to bend your knees and reach your feet towards the back of your head. The knees will generally need to come apart to accommodate this. This makes the pose quite advanced and should only be attempted once a professional is quite comfortable with the most important basic versions of all yoga.


  • Improves Digestion
  • Opens the Chest and Shoulders
  • Lengthens the spine
  • Increased Spinal Flexibility
  • Strengthens lower back
  • Strengthens Shoulders
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Focus
  • Reduces mild depression
  • Reduces Anxiety

Reduces belly fat: Although we claim that we practice yoga for a perfect life, all beauty lovers secretly admire the benefits of yoga. The Cobra in yoga is considered one of the best asanas for a flat stomach. The benefits of Bhujangasana (Cobre Pose) extend to its beauty due to stretching of the abdominal muscles.


Improves circulation: good blood circulation is the key to staying energized and active. One of the main benefits of Bhujangasana is that it helps improve blood circulation. Once you have good blood circulation, your body's cells will get enough nutrients and oxygen. Improved blood circulation will also help maintain hormonal balance.



Manage stress: If you have problems like anxiety or depression, this is the good news! Practice bhujangasana as it is very useful to treat stress symptoms like fatigue, headaches and weakness. Along with this, it is effective in managing depression as wellt. But, if you suffer from migraine or insomnia, follow the advice of an expert.


Strengthens the spine: Since the Cobra Pose in yoga is helpful in providing good back extension, it is very helpful in strengthening the spine. It is designed to stretch your lower and upper back. But if you suffer from chronic back pain, it is recommended to consult a doctor to make sure you have no contraindications.


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