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Athlon Rub was born from the traditional sport rub used in martial arts from Thailand and the idea to marry the original formula with other natural proven ingredients to make the best sport rub in market.    Athlon Rub offers athletes of all levels a safe and effective Sports Rub to aid their warm-up, training, and recovery.

Athlon Rub’s founder, Anthony Salcedo has been actively involved with Thai Oil Sport Rub for nearly 10 years and possibly the only western to have been in a Thai Oil lab in Thailand. As the original, Boxing Sport Rub – Thai Oil Brand exclusive distributor is he worked with the FDA to register the Thai Brand and too lobby for its acceptance in most sanctioning bodies and many State Athletic Commissions. He is can active supporter of the sport of Muay Thai and Kickboxing for years through involvements with fighters, gyms, promotions, tournaments, and non-profits supporting troubled or under-privileged youth.

  • Original Exclusive Boxing Sport Rub – Thai Oil Distributor & official FDA Agent for brand in America.
  • Advisor Board Member of the Martial Arts History Museum. Proposed and Curated the first Thai Martial Arts Exhibit – The Thai Martial Arts exhibit is now a dedicated exhibit.
  • Invited Speaker on Thai Oil  Sport Rub at the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) Annual Conference.
  • Participated with the Unified Rules of Muay Thai (Completed in 2011 by Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) and a panel of experts (mentioned on page 16)



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