Q: There are plenty of products on the market, why is Athlon Rub the best for me?

A: Athlon Rub uses superior quality, naturally derived ingredients. It’s formulation is designed to penetrate the skin quickly and get to work on Muscles, joints, and ligaments, leaving you dry and not greasy or pasty for hours like other products that take hours to evaporate from your skin. It is the only warm-up, performance, and recover aid product we know of that is third party tested and certified by Informed Sport. This ensures that Athlon Rub is safe, the lab is FDA Certified, banned substance tested, and following GMP to avoid cross contamination risks during production.

Q: Where is Athlon Rub made:

A: Athlon Rub is made is in the USA.

Q: Is Thai Oil / Thai liniment new? No, it's been used for generations in Thailand.

A: Over the years, the formula has under-gone advances and the benefits of the results have spread to other areas and into diverse sports.

Q: For professional athletes, is there a concern that lab results will test for Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDs)?

A: Athlon Rub is the only Sport Rub certified by Informed Sport; Informed Sport vets our lab and tests for banned substances (PED's). Our lab certifications are checked as is each production batch with regular submissions and secret tests. Professional and amateur athletes have used Athlon Rub without any cases of tainted results. Athlon Rub is also certified for Equestrian use.

Q: How do I use Athlon Rub?

A: Athlon Rub is used as a performance enhancer to loosen the body and prepare it for the activity to come and to prevent or help reduce post activity pain or injury when massaged. When used before strenuous activity, Athlon Rub warms and limbers the point of application relieving tension and reducing the chance of strain. Athlon Rub It is also excellent for sport massage therapies.

Q: When do I use Athlon Rub?

A: For best results, you want to use Athlon Rub after a brief warm-up when your skin's pores are open / dilated . It can also be applied during or immediately after your workout or shower. Do not apply more than 4 times a day, avoid face and private parts.

Q: Who should use Athlon Rub?

A: Anyone who engages in physical activity can benefit from Athlon Rub. Although formulated with the elite athlete in mind, practically everybody can benefit from its use.

Q: Why is Athlon Rub cloudy and not uniform in color?

A: Athlon Rub is not filled with solvents to full emulsify the ingredients. The ingredients are kept in a more of natural state regardless of product appearance. The different extracts and oils don’t full blend and require to be shaken first to acquire proper mixing.

Q: Is hotter better?

A: Temperature is a matter of preference, tolerance, and skin sensitivity. Heat sensation can fluctuate greatly depending on the humidity in the area. For example, South East Asia (Thailand) registers the highest humidity in the world, training outside in the humidity will generate a hotter experience than training indoors with air conditioning. Our skin can be more sensitive certain days than others as can our warmup or application of the product. Adverse effects of making too hot can be giving a false sense of having a good warm-up if you are experiencing too much heat and the effects on others you can come in contact with.

Q: Is Athlon Rub’s plastic container safe?

A: Yes, Athlon Rub only uses a BPA (Bisphenol A) Free container. This ensures Athlon Rub is easier to transport to every workout and that glass and oil clean-ups are a thing of the past.