The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) has created significant challenges across the globe. Many gyms have had to close and now restructure in light of the pandemic and mandatory stay-at-home orders. When the orders are lifted, business resumes, and clients return to the gym there will undoubtedly be changes to how we train together, including new policies and procedures.


the voice of an expert

As an epidemiologist PHD (study of epidemics) and Muaythai Gym Owner, I was first prompted to assist friends in their gym reopening strategy. I recognizing that crowded, indoor places with poor ventilation, filled with people talking, shouting, or panting for extended periods of time could be a risky scenario. Gyms were some of the hardest hit business during the pandemic with operations severely affected or shut down. Those that survive must make immediate changes amid the crisis if they are regain and maintain customer confidence and safety.

the new normal

While Muaythai / Martial Art gyms are among the more difficult businesses to reopen safely, having a strong understanding of COVID-19’s route of transmission & risk factors, and adopting a thoughtful public health prevention & control protocol, you can aggressively mitigate those risks. Although the CDC provides information on Considerations for Youth Sports, the CDC Guidelines fall short on covering the unique environments of Martial Art academies and gyms. A tailored protocol that exceeds CDC or State minimum requirements will appeal to returning students and can provide gyms with a marketing advantage for prospective and returning students.”

It’s important to understand how to adapt to a new normal. 


Basic Points to Consider before reopening your gym:

  • INCREASE AIR FLOW - (Fans, AC,Basic Points to Consider before reopening your gym: opening windows/doors), turn off your recirculated air or AC if you don’t use a UV light sanitizer.
  • SIGNAGE  - to let your students know you have a COVID-19 safety plan outside, at entrance, in bathrooms, on stations.
  • WAIVERS - Have a new COVID-19 Waiver and get your staff tested before reopening.
  • SCRENINGS - Conduct a daily screening for everyone entering (staff and clients) with a contact-free temperature check and symptom review.
  • CLEANING & SANITIZING - Update your sanitizing and cleaning protocols including space, equipment, and personal hygiene.
  • PPE USE – Face masks work!
  • SPACE MANAGEMENT - creative ways to utilize space for determining your Max Capacity and social distancing.
            Focus on solo drills before jumping into contact activites.

Written By

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Dr. Stephen Strotmeyer

PhD in Epidemiology with a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH)

 Dr. Stephen Strotmeyer has a PhD in Epidemiology with a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH). In addition, Dr. Strotmeyer the Head of the Judge and Referee commission of the United States Muaythai Federation (USMF). He is also a Nak Muay and Khai Muay Gym Owner (Pittsburgh Muay Thai)!

Dr. Stephen Strotmeyer has partnered with Kru Patrick Rivera to enhance and expand reopening guidelines into an online course under the Muay Thai Industry Alliance (MTIA). Kru Patrick Rivera is a USA Muaythai Coach who owns 3 successful Muaythai Gyms in California (VALOR Training Center) and founder of the Muaythai Business Academy (MBA), the Muay Thai Youth Development League (YDL), co-founder of the Muaythai Youth Academy (MYA) and creator of the Muay Thai Business Summit.

The gold course features several other tools, such as a pulse survey, a marketing strategy, a training grid system, and custom advice on 3 Zoom calls. While the Gold Package has filled and begun, there is still an opportunity to acquire the Offensive Measures to Defend Against Covid-19 SILVER program Here.

As part of the Silver Program ($129.00), you would receive :

  • Re-Opening and Recovering: SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Guidance for Muaythai / Martial Art Gyms
  • Gym Re-opening Pulse Survey programmed into Google Forms
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Group for open questions, group dialogue and Covid-19 updates pertaining to gyms
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