Power Your Performance And Recovery

Athlon Rub is the next generation in performance and recovery for all sports. It is a scientifically new approach on an ancient tradition; the famed Thai oil that fighters around the world use to warm up and recover. It was born from time-tested formulas using only naturally derived ingredients, and only 100% natural color.

From the start, our goal was to produce a Thai Oil of the highest quality. Only our formula is made within quality facilities, where all production is under the strictest controls within a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Certified facility. Only Athlon Rub is certified free of banned substances (PEDs) and our break-proof container is the only Thai Oil contained in recycled BPA-Free materials with an easy-open cap.

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Athlonrub Trainning

Warmup Better

Warming up can make the difference between a good performance and a great performance – or injury. Athlon Rub helps loosen muscles, joints, and ligaments, enabling you to perform better and reduce the chance of injury.

Train Harder

Once your warmup has been maximized, your performance in training and competition is pushed to higher levels.

Recover Faster

Keep elevating your game – use Athlon Rub to reduce sore and tight muscles, and perform at your best!

Time Tested Formula and Results

Our formula has a smooth light guide and is very fast absorbing. Unlike other products, clothing can be worn virtually within a minute of application. The formula is not designed to be overly hot but the heat will be intensified when applied on skin when pores are open. The wintergreen scent has been balanced not to overwhelm but to retain the invigorating and beloved scent which opens the nasal passages for clearer breathing.

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