Quality Promise

Athlon Rub is committed to bringing you the best naturally derived Sports Rub on the market. We are committed to your performance gains and in ensuring we are producing a formula that is free of banned substances (PED’s). We will strive to make Athlon Rub using the highest quality standards in the industry securing that our production process is absent of cross-contamination risks for your safety and testing results.

In order to ensure Athlon Rub delivers on it’s promise, we have signed on with Informed-Sport to test and certify our lab and products. Every production batch is tested with random and scheduled tests. Carrying the Informed-Sport logo on our label and submitting to their rigorous testing tells the sport community we are confident in the product we produce and that we positioned to pass WADA / USADA testing.

Each Bottle comes Tamper Proof Sealed from our production Lab to you ensuring Athlon Rub remains sterile and uncompromised from the lab.

Informed-Sport Certification

Informed Sport

Athlon Rub has formed a strategic alliance with Informed-Sport to certify the products that carry the Informed-Sport logo are banned substance tested. Athlon Rub values its relationships with the athletic community. With testing on the rise for performance-enhancing substances, both at the amateur and professional levels, this alliance allows athletes to make informed choices about what they put into their bodies. Informed-Sport has specialized anti-doping experience. Their USADA (US Anti-Doping agency) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) experienced laboratory adheres to standards for sports supplements and has analyzed more samples for banned substances than any other lab in the world. The Athlon Rub program exceeds industry requirements and is key to opening doors to new business.

Banned substance tested certification positions Athlon Rub as a leader in the sports performance and nutrition industries. The Informed-Sport certification program fosters business growth, adding a layer of credibility for Athlon Rub and its Distributors. Click here for more.


Athlon Rub is produced from State of the art FDA Registered facility which is ISO 22716 certified and cGMP compliant to ensure quality controls and product consistency.


Athlon Rub is the only Thai Oil Sport Rub available in a BPA Free, shatter proof container. No longer will you have to worry about cleaning up broken glass and oil in your training facility or bag making it more convenient and safer to always have your Thai Oil available. Our label is in a matte finish to assist with grip will applying and massaging and out container comes with inter-changeable tops. One is a spray option we innovated onto Thai Oil and the other is a unique Pull up top which can be swapped depending on intended use and preferred application.

We recommend the Spray top for individual use or limited area applications. We recommend the Pull-up for full body applications where liberal and complete coverage is preferred such as before a sport massage.

Athlon Rub is shrink wrapped sealed and capped from the lab to ensure no tampering
Comes in a convenient spray top which is inter-changeable with our Pull-up top for heavier application.

Our label lists all ingredients with the ingredient familiar name under-lined. The label itself is of a matte finish to improve handling if hands have product on them. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisphenol_A


Learn about our travel size bottle.

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