increase blood circulation on long flights

Increase Blood Circulation on Long Flights

Poor blood circulation is not only a problem for older people. It is caused by atherosclerosis and a health problem named peripheral artery disease, and almost anyone can experience it. You may have circulation problems if you have felt pain while walking, numbness and tingling in your lower limbs, cold feet and wound healing issues. Enduring a very long flight on your seat can be challenging if you have these symptoms. But there are many ways to increase blood circulation in your legs, and here’s a short piece of advice:

  • Stand up and take a walk: It’s the most natural thing to do. It’s okay to stand up every once in a while, go to the bathroom, or walk up the aisles. Obviously, you can only do this when seatbelt signs are turned off. Otherwise, you will be asked to go back to your seat.
  • A few exercises you can do on your seat: There are things you can do to improve blood circulation while sitting. You can stretch your legs pointing your toes as far as you can, then start raising your heels with your toes on the floor. You could also lift your feet off the floor and move them clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • Keep hydrated: Staying hydrated on a plane is one of the essentials you can’t possibly miss, especially if you are over 60 years old. The cabin is pressurized and makes it easier to dehydrate if you don’t drink water every hour or are drinking alcohol. Proper hydration may increase blood circulation by keeping a healthy volume of blood circulating.
  • Avoid tight clothing: If you have circulation problems, you need to avoid restrictive clothing that might make it worse. Wear baggy clothes instead, especially on long journeys.  Unless your doctor recommends compression socks for people with legs with poor circulation.  

A light massage to increase blood circulation

Massage therapy is known for its beneficial effects on blood circulation. While you can’t have a massage session on a plane, there’s something you can do. Using specific products and oils with menthol and other components may increase your blood circulation and core temperature slightly. They are used to warm-up athletes, but they can also be used to improve the blood flow feeding your limbs. Some brands like Athlon Rub have a pleasant, moderate scent that will soothe you and will not bother anyone on the plane.

Athlon Rub is a high-quality herbal formula used by specialists in sports that require a high degree of warming up before strenuous activity. Athlon Rub travel size bottle for long flights increase blood circulationNow available is the travel-friendly size of 100ML which is the largest allowable you can take with you in carry-on bags.  It has been designed to fight off inflammation and increase blood circulation, so its use is not only for athletes. Older adults with circulation problems can apply Athlon Rub on their body to increase blood flow and the temperature in lower limbs. It is a trans-dermal formula so it does not leave any residue or sticky/greasy feeling after applying, so you can apply and put on your clothes without feeling any discomfort. If you are taking a long flight and experiencing signs of poor blood circulation, try a light massage with Athlon Rub along with the recommendations we mentioned above. 

Make your long flight more pleasant and spring back to being yourself when you finally arrive at your destination.  Happy Travels!