3 Ways Arnica Montana Benefits Athletes

3 Ways Arnica Montana Benefits Athletes

As much as athletes try to live a healthier and safe life, they can experience many setbacks along the way. Sore muscles after a long day’s training, bruising and swelling after a direct hit or fall, and many different injuries depending on their discipline. Contact sports such as soccer, basketball, and martial arts can be a cause of trauma and inflammation. But from ancient Olympic times, athletes have used the healing properties of Arnica to treat athletes and maximize their results. Arnica Montana benefits athletes and their performance, and here are some reasons why:

  • It is a natural pain reliever: Nature has much to offer, and natural remedies are usually safe and effective. Arnica Montana benefits athletes who suffer from a sore muscle, traumatic pain (after enduring a fall or direct hit), and inflammatory pain. It is a natural solution without any side effects, and available without a prescription. It started as a flower from Central Europe and has spread all over the world after its pain-relieving effects. Nowadays it can be bought as a cream, gel, tablets and had made it to be part of Athlon Rub's enhanced Thai Oil formulation.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties: Arnica Montana benefits athletes who have experienced swelling after suffering contusion, fractures, sprains, and other sport-related injuries. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that also works to relieve arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is used to reduce inflammation, and in the process, it also reduces the associated pain. The key to the anti-inflammatory potential in Arnica is helenalin, a substance that fights off inflammatory chemicals that trigger swelling and pain.
  • It can be used on bruises as well: Arnica Montana speeds up wound healing because it improves blood cell movement and tissue repair. Some clinicians even trust Arnica Montana to heal burns and scars, so there’s nothing wrong with applying Arnica on wounds. On top of that, studies show that using Arnica Montana oils twice a day is more effective to heal bruises than some popular vitamin K formulations.

Arnica Montana benefits athletes of many different sports
Soccer players undergo knee bruises, direct hits and ligament tears with painful swelling. Basketball players may endure falls and contusions by an adversary. Hockey players usually suffer from hip pain and muscle tightness. Martial arts may cause bruises and injuries after a direct hit or fall. Arnica Montana benefits athletes regardless of their discipline because they all have a common complaint: Bruises, swelling, and sore muscles.

Athlon Rub has taken notice of common complaints and has developed a sports rub to be applied in any case scenario. Athlon Rub has been formulated with the most efficient and safe components, ensuring quality above all.

Arnica in Athlon Rub

Apart from Arnica Montana, Athlon Rub contains naturally derived plant extracts such as turmeric, eucalyptus, and menthol. All of them have been influential allies for athletes and their trainers, and new formulas like Athlon Rub brings them all together in smart applications, readily absorbed by your skin.

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