How to Prevent Soccer Injuries

How to Prevent Soccer Injuries

Soccer, or football, is a timeless sport. It is by far one of the most popular games in the world and holds a widespread audience on the edge of their seats. Soccer players are growing in number every year and make soccer injuries one of the most common in sports medicine. But before treating them, even before they come about, it is possible to prevent soccer injuries properly. An effort on prevention pays out by reducing health costs and saving an athlete from going back to the bench. But, how can we prevent soccer injuries?

Most of the injuries in soccer are located in the legs. They usually come up because of a sudden change of direction, a direct hit or an overload on a given articulation. Since players maneuver with the ball, some of them might result from balance problems as well. There are two basic methods to help prevent soccer injuries: by performing a correct warm-up, and by working on the muscle correctly:

  • Achieving a proper warm-up: It is the easiest and most convenient way to prevent soccer injuries. It is commonly overlooked because many athletes think warming-up involves useless movements with no real gain. The truth is that muscle tissue needs to be fully hydrated and fed before the match starts. Otherwise, the blood flow will not feed the muscles and ligaments as it should, and this could easily trigger muscle cramps and facilitate ligament tearing. Performing a correct warm-up involves a general phase and specific phase. On the general phase, athletes can try a simple bicycle ride, slow jogging or rope jumping. This phase usually lasts 10 minutes or less. The specific warm-up involves ball passes, ball shots, and other activities specific to the sport. All of them are required to prevent soccer injuries.
  • Muscle development: By developing muscle strength, the articulations, ligaments and other components are more protected and secured. The downside of muscle development as a strategy to prevent soccer injuries is that it takes more time. Scheduling the right exercises for quads, calves, and hips can be quite challenging, but should be done with symmetry and taking into consideration the ligaments we intend to protect more.

Another useful tip to prevent soccer injuries

Warming up regularly is the easiest and most convenient way to prevent soccer injuries. However, it can be made even more comfortable and fast if we use pre-workout skin herbal oils such as Athlon Rub. Athlon Rub has origins in martial arts and was designed to provide a pre and post workout formula capable of increasing your core temperature, improve blood flow, fight inflammation, and to attend common injuries when they happen.

Athlon Rub is a high grade product with appealing scent along with active ingredients that increase body temperature and helps prevents muscles soreness. It can also be used in massage therapy during the recovery regime  of soccer athletes, and it is a comfortable and convenient way to help prevent soccer injuries when used as part of the warm-up process.