How Thai Massage Balls Work

Once a long-held secret, the mechanisms, and ingredients behind the fantastic Thai massage balls are surfacing, and to our benefit. Sometime also referred to as Thai Herbal Compression balls or Luk Prak Kop in Thai, the ancient method of the Thai massage ball has origins that date back to the days of the Buddha. Traditional Thai medicine was established with the principal tenet of improving the flow of energy through the body. Besides not being a new concept for holistic health, it is also seeing a growth through modern medical devices such as those used for Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy.  Thai massage balls work with this similar principal while at the same time providing rapid relief from pain and inflammation. A proper massage using Thai massage balls can help you to relax, release stress and fatigue, improve circulatory health, and stimulate the lymphatic system.

This type of massage is based on, as the name suggests, massage balls. Linen cloth bags are stuffed with aromatic medicinal herbs and various essential oils, which are then heated with steam to activate and release the healing properties contained within. If you are suffering from muscle aches, sprains, or inflammation, the essential oils used to make these excellent tools will help you find a quick solution. Let’s take a quick look at some of the oils used to gain a better understanding of the process behind Thai Massage Balls. 

  • Ginger: Ginger oils are used in Thai massage balls for their antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger, which originated in India, is an integral part of traditional medicine all over the world due to its compelling benefits. Ginger root is rich in Gingerol and Zingibain; these two essential oils are highly analgesic and aid in reducing pain and inflammation caused by torn muscles and strained ligaments. It has also been proven that ginger oils inhibit the production of prostaglandins, which are compounds associated with the sensation of pain.
  • Turmeric: Essential oils found in turmeric root have a long history as truly impressive medicinal agents. This belief is not surprising at all when you consider the fact that, turmeric oils possess antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and even anti-cancer compounds. Additionally, turmeric essential oils possess various vitamins, phenols, and health-promoting alkaloids.
  • Thai Plai: The oil from Thai Plai, or Zingiber cassumunar, is one of the most helpful natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents used during a Thai massage. The potent topical anti-inflammatory effect is mainly due to the action of two components; these are DMPBD and Zerumbone. Zerumbone, for example, acts no differently than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug piroxicam. DMPBD has been found to be twice as potent as the pain drug diclofenac.
Heal more efficiently with Thai massage oils
Athlon Rub has been expertly formulated to offer the same robust healing properties found in Thai massage balls. The benefits of these oils cannot be denied, and they certainly should not be ignored. There is a reason why they have been in use for thousands of years. Besides having Turmeric essential oils in its formula, Athlon Rub includes Thai Plai. By using Athlon Rub, you will be able to train harder and recover faster. The oils contained in the Athlon Rub formula will significantly reduce joint and muscle pain while inducing deep relaxation and rejuvenating your body.

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