Athlon Rub Teams Up With Siam Fight Productions

Athlon Rub Teams Up With Siam Fight Productions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2017



Exclusive liniment partner for 2017 

Miami, Florida: One of the most respected names in the American Muay Thai scene is partnering with Athlon RUB.  

Athlon Rub is proud to announce that it will be the exclusive Thai Liniment - Sport Rub partner of Siam Fight Productions, beginning with Siam Fight Live on Friday, Feb 17, 2017 at the Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe, Arizona.

“Athlon RUB is formulated to be the best sports liniment on the market, it is a perfect fit for our brand to team up with one of the best Muay Thai promotions in the United States showcasing elite athletes,” said Anthon Salcedo, Founder & President of Athlon RUB. 

“We are extremely excited to be partnering up with Siam Fight Productions. They have done amazing things for the growth of Muay Thai, a vision which has always been core to our mission.  We look forward to supporting their continued growth and in turn joining forces to help grow the sport of Muay Thai.”

Siam Fight Productions gives elite fighters and up & coming young fighters a great stage to showcase and develop their skills. Siam Fight Productions will be partnering with the United States Muay Thai Federation (USMF) in order to develop youth programs throughout the United States.  With Muay Thai’s recent recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), now more than ever we need to shine and ensure Muay Thai finally gets into the Olympics.

Although Athlon Rub was developed to be the best sport rub for all sports ranging from soccer to triathlons, we will always recognize that our Thai Oil formulation has origins from Thailand and from their elite martial art, Muay Thai. 

Athlon Rub looks forward to providing all the athletes competing with the best sports rub on the market so that we can help power their performance.

Athlon Rub will be available to competing athletes and attendees at Siam Fights Productions events and the upcoming US Muay Thai Open East & West Coast Tournaments.

About Athlon RUB

Athlon RUB produces the best all sports liniment on the market. Designed to help athletes warm up better, train harder, and recover faster. Athlon RUB helps power the performance of athletes from all levels of experience. Using only naturally derived ingredients, Athlon RUB is the only Thai Oil which is Informed Sport certified which ensures production and product safety and certifies the Athlon Rub to be free of any banned substances.