Jordan “The Ginja Ninja” Weiland Selected to Fight for Team USA in IFMA World Championship

Jordan “The Ginja Ninja” Weiland Selected to Fight for Team USA in IFMA World Championship


Written By: Kianna Brandt

Gilbert, AZ- Jordan “The Ginja Ninja” Weiland, local Muay Thai talent, was recently selected to represent Team USA in the 2017 IFMA World Championship Tournament hosted in Minsk, Belarus.

Weiland, born in South Bend, Indiana, was raised here in Gilbert where he daydreamed of a future skating career. He never pictured himself where he is today.

“Growing up, I never pictured myself to be a fighter,” said Weiland. “Back then, all I wanted to do was become a professional skateboarder, so I just skated as much as I could.”

Five years ago, Weiland’s friend signed him up for a gym membership at Power MMA and Fitness, without him knowing. It was here where he began his Muay Thai career, coached by Daniel and Desiree Brandt, sadly, shortly after beginning his training in Muay Thai, Weiland was faced with a tragedy amongst his family.

“After my first few months of learning and training Muay Thai, my mom died of cervical cancer,” said Weiland. “After a few weeks, I got back in the gym and took my training to the next level. Muay Thai was great therapy for my anger and depression, it showed me how to take something negative like that and use it as motivation to train and be successful rather than sink lower into a depressed state of mind.”

Overcoming the death of his mother was hard, but instead of allowing it to consume him, Weiland returned to the gym with a vengeance and began to intensely train in Muay Thai.

Daniel Brandt, the head Muay Thai coach at Power MMA and Fitness, noticed Weiland upon his return to the gym. Brandt told Weiland that if he was serious about wanting to fight, he would have to change up his schedule to make time to be in class every night with the rest of the team. Weiland took this advice and quit school, and switched his position at work so he could train.

Flash-forward five years. Over the course of Weiland’s five years of actively training and fighting, he has accomplished many feats. He won the WKA National Tournament in both 2015 and 2016. In 2015, Weiland won six fights in less than 48-hours: three on points, and three by KO. He has also defeated international opponents from Korea and Canada, as well as a 2016 IFMA Silver Medalist from Mexico, whom he fought for the Siam Fight Productions World Title.

Along with his current amateur record of 29-4, Weiland is hoping to add the 63.5 kg IFMA Gold Medalist to his record as well.

Weiland is honored and humbled to have been selected to represent his country while competing in the sport he loves.

“To fight for Team USA feels very surreal to me,” said Wieland. “It is something I have wanted to do since I began this journey in 2012. Muay Thai is something I love and can't stop loving.”

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