Athlon Rub hosts Warm-up and Recovery Area at The Fit Expo in the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center

Athlon Rub hosts Warm-up and Recovery Area at The Fit Expo in the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center


From October 21 to 22, the largest fitness convention on the West Coast, The Fit Expo finally arrived in South Florida. Residing in three halls of the renown Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, the Fit Expo organized a two-day event filled with various competitions, training seminars, training sessions and row upon row of nutrition, supplement and lifestyle vendors. After being canceled last year due to a hurricane and some hurricane close calls this year, the event occurred under sunny skies and perfect weather.     

To support the event and the competing athletes, Athlon Rub hosted the Athlon Rub - Warm-up and Recovery Area where we with the help of the therapists of Golden Touch provided athletes with sports massage using our latest Athlon Rub sports herbal oil as well as having an assigned area for the athletes to warm up and stretch themselves with various tools and products. 

 "Athlon Rub - All Sports Rub is designed to improve athletic warmth, performance, injury prevention and recovery." 


Our area was constantly active as we were visited by athletes of varying competitions and attendees of the expo. We hope to work continuously with Fit Expo and expand to other cities. In addition to Fort Lauderdale, Fit Expo is currently located in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Anaheim, San Jose and San Diego.  Our goal is too have available more warm-up and recovery tools for the fitness community and to potentially offer workshops on sport massage and bodywork therapy.


The Fit Expo - Ft. Lauderdale was filled with celebrities and fitness experts, as well as several World Champions such as the 4X Mr. Olympia - Jay Cutler and UFC Contender, former Judo Olympian, and the 1st Bellator MMA Middleweight Champion - Hector Lombard. Here are photos that capture Athlon Rub: warming and recovery area within The Fit Expo - Ft. Lauderdale.