Press Release Athlon Rub Brings Traditional Thai Oil to Modern Athletes

Athlon Rub’s Launches Enhanced Formula in December 2016

Athlon Rub’s launches enhanced formula before the New Year.  Athlon Rub - All Sport Rub brings the traditional Martial Art’s time tested Thai Oil to all serious athletes in an all naturally derived formula made in the USA within an FDA, ISO and cGMP certified facility.  Company founder, Anthony Salcedo who is responsible for getting Namman Muay Thai Oil FDA registered in the United States and with working with regulatory bodies to allow Thai Oil use during competition over many years states that “from the beginning, our plan was always to continuously look to improve the formulation, many enhancements were part of our plan but we wanted to keep testing other ingredients and ensure we reached the correct heat, glide, absorption, and scent intensity.   We have gone the extra mile in many areas to ensure athletes from all disciples that we are making a superior product.”

Athletes now have a trusted source and steady supply for Thai Oil to aid in their Warm-up, Training, & Recovery.  Massage & Sport Therapist can also offer their clients treatment with a superior product proven to work.   Unlike other similar products, Athlon Rub prides itself in making sure athletes can use their product worry free. Athlon Rub is Drug-Free of banned substances, leaving no doubt in the minds of professional and amateur athletes concerned about their Performance Enhancement Drug (PED) Testing.  To cement this, Athlon Rub has gone through the lengthy process of getting third party certified by Informed Choice.  This program certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the Informed-Choice logo have been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping lab, LGC. Informed Choice certifies many elite brands such as Muscle Pharm, GNC, AdvoCare, and EAS to name a few.  Certification involves everything from the lab facilities, to ensuring no cross-contamination exists, and that every production batch is submitted and blind tested. 

Thai Oil originates from the mecca of Thai Massages, exotic body oils and elite martial arts.  It has historically been used in the extreme combat sport of Muay Thai (aka Thai Boxing), the national sport of Thailand and a martial art used around the world. Thai Oil is used during the warm-up process and before actual competitions, and its use can be attributed to the longevity of the Thai boxer’s long careers and their physical state later in age.

In Thailand over time, the use has expanded from hard working farmers to thoroughbred horses. With its impressive pedigree originating from Thailand, an area of the world where the martial art and the essential oils are renown, Athlon Rub Thai Oil brings a high quality product, made under the strictest controls from a reliable supplier to all sports.

Although Thai Oil has traditionally been rubbed on the body as a warm-up aid before physical activity, it is also great to use after any strenuous physical activity and during sport therapies. Several of the botanicals in the ingredients are recognized for their properties for pain relief, inflammation relief, and aiding in increasing blood circulation. They also have antibacterial properties which help protect skin from infections. Massage therapist / body work specialists working on athletes will benefit and better serve their clients from Athlon Rub versus typical massage oils because of the herbal properties, it’s light, smooth glide and fast absorbency.

Athlon Rub will be available online at and with participating dealers. The new packaging consists of a recycled, shatter-proof, BPA free container that comes with a spray top making it easier to carry and use.  The cleaning up of broken glass with spilled Thai Oil are days of the past.  The natural color is non-staining and has no artificial enhancers.



Anthony Salcedo has been involved with Thai Oil business for nearly 10 years and has experience registering Thai Liniment with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  He has been inside Thai Oil production facilities in Thailand and understands the local production and supply chain challenges.  In addition to gaining Sport sanctioning approval for the use of Thai Oil during competition, he is currently an Advisory Board Member of the Martial Arts History Museum and an invited guest speaker on the topic at the Association of Boxing Commission (ABC) Annual Conference.  He contributed to the unified Rules of Muay Thai which were proposed in 2011 after several years of development by a panel of experts. Anthony Salcedo was the original exclusive Namman Muay – Thai Oil Distributor & official FDA Agent for brand in America. He has been active in supporting the sport of Muay Thai and it’s fighters in many ways.  Now the President of Athlon Rub, Anthony looks to use his experience and dedication to make Athlon Rub the leading brand in Thai Oil around the world.  His number one priority is the safety of fighters, which is why he has made sure that Athlon Rub meets all regulatory body standards.