Athlon Rub is a topically applied herbal sports oil which is rubbed and / or massaged onto the body before and / or after strenuous activity.  It is based on a traditional formula and practice originating from the reknown martial art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing).  Today’s science has proven that transdermal applications of products is one of the most effective means of absorbing a product into the blood stream and maximizing the intended benefits.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it can absorbs what you put on it if it is formulated properly.

Scent: Athlon Rub has a comfortable and pleasing aroma of Eucalyptus and Wintergreen.   The scent assists in improving breathing and oxygenizing the body by opening nasal passages.  We have made efforts in reducing the intensity of traditional Thai Oil scent through natural blending of other scented ingredients.  We recognize athletes have active lives outside of the gym. 

Heat: Moderate to high depending on the humidity levels and the amount of warm-up prior to application.   Applying after a shower also assists in opening pores and increasing the heat intensity.

Feel / Viscosity: Light and smooth glide.  Leaves hands and skin soft.

Absorption: Fast, leaves hands and skin smooth and soft to the touch with no residue.  Non-greasy and non-Sticky, can use under clothing comfortably


Athlon Rub is founded on the time tested Thai Oil Sport Rub formula then enhanced with additional proven herbals and extracts. Thai Oil Sport Rub originated in the ancient and effective martial art of Muay Thai, aka Thai Boxing or the Science of 8 Limbs. Thai boxing is a core martial art required for mixed martial arts (MMA / UFC) registering some of the most hardest strikes. As the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai fighters fight very frequently and can typically end their careers with several hundred fights versus several dozen fights in other disciples. In order to stay ready, athletes usually live in dedicated camps where the 6 - 8 hours training regime is intense.

Thai Oil Sport Rub is a daily requirement used prior to training to enhance the warm-up process, to elevate performance, and to improve the recovery process as well prior to competition and during massage therapy regimes.

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