Athlon Rub

Boxing Liniment
Thai Plai YES NO
Arnica YES NO
Turmeric YES NO
Container Shatter Proof Glass / breaks
Label Print Non-Smudging Ink Bleeds
Label Integrity Non-Tearing Tearing can run
Order Ship Next Day ???
Orders Arrive 2-5 Days ???
Made in USA Thailand
Blind Tested to be safe and free of banned substances (PEDs) Informed Choice


Thai Oil Origins

Thai Oil Originates from Thailand, a land world renown for it’s martial art and massage oils. Thai Oil is a product martial artists, athletes, and therapists have come to trust. It’s a product category that has a deep and passionate following which has been time tested by some of the world’s most extreme athletes. It is referred to by the niche market as Muay Thai Liniment, Muay Thai Oil, or Boxing Liniment.

The martial art of Thailand is called Muay Thai which translates to Thai Boxing. Although extremely violent, Thai Boxing is rich in tradition and culture with many unique elements uncommon in other martial arts. Thai boxing is a core martial art required for mixed martial arts (MMA / UFC) registering some of the most hardest impacts received and given. As the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai fighters fight very frequently and can typically end their careers with several hundred fights versus several dozen fights. In order to stay ready, athletes usually live in dedicated camps where the 6 - 8 hours training regime is intense. For these elite athletes, Thai oil is a daily requirement used prior to training to enhance the warm-up process, to elevate performance, and to improve the recovery process.


Athlon Rub’s founder, Anthony Salcedo has been actively involved with Thai Oil for nearly 10 years. As the original, Boxing Liniment Brand exclusive distributor is he worked with the FDA to register the Thai Brand and too lobby for it’s acceptance in many sanctioning bodies and State Athletic Commissions. He is can active supporter of the sport of Muay Thai and Kickboxing for years through involvements with fighters, gyms, promotions, and tournaments.

  • Original Exclusive Namman Muay – Thai Oil Distributor & official FDA Agent for brand in America.
  • Advisor Board Member of the Martial Arts History Museum (Photo with the Museum President, Thai Consulate General and Thai Dir. Of Commerce LA) - after Proposing and Curating the first Thai Martial Arts Exhibit – The Thai Martial Arts exhibit is now a dedicated exhibit.
  • Invited Speaker on Thai Oil at the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) Annual Conference.
  • Participated with the Unified Rules of Muay Thai (Completed in 2011 by Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) and a panel of experts (pg16) ­ http://abcboxing.com/2011ABCMUAYTHAIREPORTFINAL.pdf)