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  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to post a minimum of twice a month on Instagram or Facebook; one must be video on Feed Post
  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to Follow and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS for all  @AthlonRub pages; LIKE & Comment on Posts
  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to write a reviews on Athlon Rub pages:  Facebook , Amazon Reviews / Feedback, etc...
  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS will not represent or promote other companies with competing products.

What we do for you!


As an Ambassador you have the opportunity to earn commissions with Athlon Rub. We will pay you 20% commissions to anyone that uses your personal link to purchase product or apparel. Our Affiliate system assign's you a personal Code that you can use on your social media bio's, in your posts, and give out to friends and family.  You will be able to track sales and commissions due to you based on the success of your efforts.  

We will provide you with promotional gear as it is developed.

We will reciprocate to support the ambassador's personal brand.   

We will design professional post designs with some of your high definition posts, tagging and mentioning you in the post.

BRAND AMBASSADORS may be asked from time to time to help with local events and / or expos.


Register here for your personal Athlon Rub Affiliate link. 

Partner with a brand that upholds the highest quality controls and commitment to producing the best in class Thai Oil – Sport Rub.  Use your own linked banner on your site /  blog and / or use your link in your Social Media page Bios and within posts.  Track your commissions from sales made from your efforts every time you post and someone buys from clicking on your personal link. 

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2) Video to learn how to access available banners and content you can use as content with your personal link which will be directly tied to your account to track your commissions from click through sales.

3) Optional:  Contact us if you want a special promo code to order a bottle after you have signed up:


Become an Amazon Influencer (Optional)


As a Top Choice Amazon rated brand, you will also be able to list Athlon Rub in your Amazon page recommendations and earn commissions through Amazon sales.

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